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New perspectives on mixed-race Britons

A CRE eConference · 4-6 September 2007

Day 2: Interaction

On day two we discussed the nature and characteristics of mixed relationships and families, and how members of the mixed-race population relate to, and interact with, people from other ethnic groups.

Top to botton: Dr Chamion Caballero, Sharron Hall, Dr Rob Berkley

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Understanding inter-ethnic relationships

Mixed relationships - not just a Black and White issue

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How do people who are mixed-race relate with those that aren't?


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Meaningful interaction is an important part of an integrated society. Finding effective ways to overcome tendencies towards separation and polarisation between different groups is not a simple matter, and there is a need for creative thinking.

Much depends on finding a commitment to integration within communities, and work in the education and sport sectors, and with young people, is particularly important.


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