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Day 3: Participation

On the last day we looked at-how mixed race people are involved in decisions about how society works, the role of community organisations and how mixed-race people participate in and are represented in culture and media. We will also look at the way community and participation have been negotiated in two different contexts overseas.

Top to botton: Dr Chamion Caballero, Sharron Hall, Dr Rob Berkley

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opinions on these

What is the role of mixed-race organisations?

How do mixed race people participate culturally?

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Representations of mixed-race people

Mixedness 'communities' overseas: Anglo Indians and Mulengeons


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If people from some groups are not involved in the processes of politics, public appointments and other decision-making structures, our society will never be fully integrated, and we risk perpetuating the inequality that prevents integration.

It is therefore extremely important to take measures to tackle this 'democratic deficit', to encourage greater participation by people from under-represented groups in local and national politics. This includes the lower levels of decision making, such as local strategic partnerships.


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