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New perspectives on mixed-race Britons

A CRE eConference · 4-6 September 2007

Forum: Day 1, Equality

In this forum, you can raise and discuss issues raised during Day 1 of the conference (Tuesday 4 September 2007).

The theme for Day 1 is 'equality' - you can find out more about the main issues around this theme here.

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You can also, if you prefer, comment on any individual paper posted on this site. To do this, go to the page containing the article you wish to comment on (click here to view a list of all papers) and scroll down to the bottom of the text.

Today is all about race equality. Does inequality take speci...
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Policy responses
We want this conference to help inform better policies in th...
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We cannot look at 'mixedness' in isolation. How big ...
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What is a ‘mixed race group’ anyway?
Given the difficulties of using 'race' as a marker, ...
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What do you call yourself?
I think it's fantastic that mixed people are now of such...
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