& mixing

New perspectives on mixed-race Britons

A CRE eConference · 4-6 September 2007

House rules

We want this conference to include frank and open conversations. But frankness does not have to mean lack of civility. We shouldn't say anything online that we wouldn't say in person.

We will delete unacceptable comments, which we define as anything that includes (or is linked to) something that:

  • is being used to abuse, harass, stalk, or threaten others;
  • is libellous, knowingly false, or misrepresents another person;
  • infringes upon a copyright or trademark;
  • violates an obligation of confidentiality, or
  • violates the privacy of others.

We reserve the right to bar anyone who violates the above guidelines from posting to this site's forums, or submitting or commenting on papers.

What we expect from contributors

We hope that all contributors of papers will visit the site at least on the day that their paper is published to respond to and engage with any discussions that they generate.


The CRE is hosting this eConference as a forum in which a variety of views can be expressed to help make better policies in the future.

The views expressed in the papers or forums do not necessarily reflect those of the CRE, and, unless otherwise stated, are not statements of CRE policy.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this eConference, please email us.