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New perspectives on mixed-race Britons

A CRE eConference · 4-6 September 2007


Below, you can find information about our partners in this eConference, plus details of other organisations working on behalf of mixed race people and families in Britain, and links to published research and other resources in this area.

Organisers and partners

Commission for Racial Equality

The CRE is a non-departmental public body with duties under the Race Relations Act 1976 to work towards the elimination of discrimination and harassment; to promote equality of opportunity and good race relations between people of different racial groups; and to keep under review the workings of the RRA discrimination and promotes racial equality.

From 1 October 2007 the CRE will be succeeded by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights whose purpose is to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination, strengthen good relations between people and protect human rights.

The Runnymede Trust

The Runnymede Trust is an independent policy research organisation focusing on equality and justice through the promotion of a successful multi-ethnic society.

Families & Social Capital Research Group, London South Bank University

The Families & Social Capital Research Group at London South Bank University conducts high quality research on the relationship between the dynamics of family change and social resource processes.

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

The government department for communities and local government, including race equality.

Useful organisations

Inheritance Project

The aim of this project is to collate the experiences of people in mixed-race relationships, looking at a time frame of the last 50 years. The information will be used to develop various support mechanisms for young people who come from a mixed-race or multiple-heritage background and are struggling with their identity. The knowledge gained from this project will then be used to produce various information packs, which can be marketed to generate an income, helping the project become sustainable. The project is likely to have a big impact on young people, as there is no such service in existence at present.

Email the Inheritance Project


Intermix is a website for the benefit of mixed-race families, individuals and anyone who feels they have a multiracial identity. Its mission is to offer a view of the mixed-race experience, highlighting icons, film, books, poetry, parenting techniques, celebrities, real lives and much more. Their online forums offer a place to meet others, ask questions, voice your opinions and keep in touch.


MixTogether's mission is to provide a support network for mixed couples who face family or community pressure to split up. They also aim to raise awareness of these issues, and mobilise support.

Mosaic Brighton

MOSAIC is a community organisation of ethnic minority and mixed parentage families and individuals. It aims to befriend and provide mutual support for Black and mixed parentage individuals and families and to exchange and discuss common concerns, particularly anti-racism and education.

Multiple Heritage Project

The Inheritance Project exists to explore and celebrate the experiences of people of mixed heritage.
Through education and research we aim to expound and celebrate the distinct mixed race culture.
By exploring the origins of people of mixed heritage we aim to chart their journey through history and help them define their identity in the present.

People in Harmony

People in Harmony is a mixed race organisation at the forefront of awareness about the challenges and issues that affect mixed race people, families and those in mixed race relationships. It was established for support and to share ways of dealing with problems of racism, isolation and to combat the prejudices that exist around mixed race. A variety of resources such as a telephone support line, information service, publications, website, E-group discussion list for members and newsletters are provided with annual conferences as well as one-off day conferences, organised to explore themes and topics that are relevant and interesting. In addition, People in Harmony facilitates contact between the membership and researchers and journalists wishing to exlore aspects of mixed race life.

Planet Rainbow

The Planet Rainbow Project (PRP) provides support to mixed heritage families and young people living in Devon. The project does so, by providing them with activities and a safe arena to discuss experiences and explore the wide dynamics found within their family structures and multiple identities. The PRP also supports the intergration of these families into the local and wider community, and works closely with other organisations in promoting awareness around the issues and concerns that may affect these families whilst also promoting Devon's mixed heritage culture. PRP works to the philosophy that 'there is only one race, the "human race",so how can it be mixed...?'

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Shades is a community based project which exists to support the mixed heritage community in Staffordshire. The aim of the project is to equip children to deal with racism, to give parental support with strategies for positive identity development and to raise community and professional awareness of the needs of the mixed heritage community. This is carried out through workshops, individual work, work in school and exhibition and displays.

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The Starlight Black Child Mixed Heritage group is an Oxford-based group for friends and families of black children of mixed heritage, working to overcome the prejudice and disadvantage that can often be experienced by mixed race youngsters. They produce a quarterly newsletter with reviews and articles of interest to anyone with a keen interest in race equality plus an article called 'Personally Speaking' where people of mixed heritage can share how they have made sense of their identity. Under the banner of Starlight Enterprise, they have developed an accredited course 'Going for Gold' specifically designed to offer young people of African Caribbean heritage an opportunity to explore their black heritage, gain skills that can help them to develop a strong sense of self and resilience, whilst also achieving a qualification and certificate. The course provides an opportunity to reflect on how they may have adopted particular traits, helping them to realise they can be the change they wish to see in their lives. By exploring key figures in black history they can gain knowledge of their achievements and reflect on what they can learn from these life stories, helping them to succeed. As they work through the course material they can begin to shed any negative thoughts, values or beliefs and become the person they are capable of being.

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The Interfaith Marriage Network

The Interfaith Marriage Network provides resources, information, contact and support for people in mixed faith (often also mixed cultural or race) relationships and families and have recently with Community Development Foundation funding produced a resource pack for interfaith couples and families which is available via their website.

Zeena Ralph Memorial Fund

The Zeena Ralph Memorial Fund was established in 1995 to promote research and dialogue into mixed-race issues which are relevant in society, both nationally or internationally.

Within the limits of its resources (it is supported by private means), the fund has four main objectives: to build up practitioner materials, to set up a research and teaching post, to develop full time research in this field, and tohold conferences on mixed-race issues.

The fund aims to use such research and dialogue to inform and influence policy and practice in the organisations that have a direct contact with mixed-race individuals and groups. Within this aim the Fund will raise the needs and issues that must be addressed for this group and will also promote the positive aspects of being mixed-race. It is actively supported by the Institute of Education.

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The Mixed Ethnic Groups

Short profile of the Mixed group on the Commission for Racial Equality website

Who are the Mixed Group?

This report by the Office of National Statistics examines the size of the different Mixed groups, their demographic and socio-economic characteristics, and how they compare with other ethnic groups.Changing Face of Britain

Changing Face of Britain

BBC analyis of 'Britain's blurring ethnic mix.'


A Survey of the Preferences of Mixed Race People for Terminology and Classifications - Interim report

Interim report on the preferences of people who are mixed race for terminology and classifications on official forms where an ethnic monitoring question is asked.

(Clicking on the link above opens a PDF file, 480kb)

Understanding the Needs of Mixed Heritage Pupils

A 2004 study by Chamion Caballero, Jo Haynes, John Hill and Leon Tikly in association with Birmingham Local Education Authority into the educational needs of mixed heritage pupils with specific reference to the barriers to achievement faced by White/Black Caribbean pupils.

(Clicking on the link above opens a PDF file, 273kb)

Ethnicity and Health Specialist Library

The NHS Library website is attempting to collate all health and social care research and guidance that relates to ethnic minority groups. Athough they do not have much published or validated research into the health and social care needs of mixed-race people, they would welcome examples or links to materials which they could then accession for others to use.

Other links

RACE - Are We So Different?

Looking through the eyes of history, science and lived experience, the American Anthropological Association's RACE Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality – and unreality – of race. The story of race is complex and may challenge how we think about race and human variation, about the differences and similarities among people.

Identity Research

Identity Research (IR) brings together people who are interested in identity - be it related to art, sport, research, politics or just individuals themselves. In general, there is a lot of information here: you can check the opinion and sports section to read relevant articles. You can check the art and photography section or visit the library (online forum) to see what kind of activities are going on in relation to identity. There are listings related to exhibitions, film reviews, call for papers, news articles, etc. In May 2007, IR ran an online conference discussing the difficulties and solutions to negotiating identities; be it gender, religion, nationality, race, or employment. You can still read the "Negotiating Identities" May 2007 congress papers and the discussants' reviews to get a general idea of how an online conference works. The papers are from authors with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world with one common interest: identity and belonging. When you read the papers, feel free to go to the cafe (online forum) to share your views.

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