& mixing

New perspectives on mixed-race Britons

A CRE eConference · 4-6 September 2007


This exclusively online conference featured a number of short papers written especially for the event.

Participants discussed and debated the issues raised in a number of forums alongside policymakers, academics and people working in the voluntary sector.

Each day a panel of experts offered their perspectives on the papers.

The event took place over three days. Click on the link following the summary for each of the days below to find out more:

Tuesday 4 September Day 1: Equality

During this first day of the conference, we were considering the inequalities faced by Britain's mixed-race population, and how these may be overcome [more...]

Wednesday 5 September Day 2: Interaction

On day two, we discussed the nature and characteristics of mixed relationships and families, and how members of the mixed-race population relate to, and interact with, people from other ethnic groups [more...]

Thursday 6 September Day 3: Participation

To round off, we looked at how mixed race people are involved in decisions about how society works, both at a national and local level, and through informal structures as well as formal ones [more...]